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Welcome to those interested in Science!

Global Warming Is A Fact! Climate Change Is A Fact!
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Sioux Falls Scientists is a group made up of people who love science as well as those interested in science, and scientists themselves. This website provides news articles, movies, courses and books that describe how science works and the latest discoveries of science, especially the latest discoveries in the fields of evolution science and global warming. Located in Sioux Falls, SD, the Sioux Falls Scientists have meetings and social gatherings where people of free thought and open minds meet and share ideas, share what they have learned about science and share what they think about the latest science discoveries.

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Our meetings and social gatherings are posted at Sioux Falls Free Thinkers on Meetup.com. Sioux Falls Free Thinkers Upcoming Events can be seen on the Meetup.com Calendar.

Meetup: Discuss Sioux Falls Feminists Child Abuse Billboards & Member Ideas

Saturday, February 25, at 6:30 PM, at Fryin' Pan Family Restaurant, 1720 W 12th St.

I will have both a Sioux Falls Feminists and a Sioux Falls Free Thinkers sign on the table.

Starting on this Monday, February 20th, a large double-sided 32' x 12' billboard will appear on West 12th Street across from the Fryn' Pan Restaurant. It supports the immigration policy statement on the Statue of Liberty. You can visit the billboard or see it on the home page of http://www.siouxfallsfreethinkers.com/. It's Big! We'll be seated in the restaurant where we'll have a pretty good view of the billboard.

We will be discussing the Child Abuse billboards that we will be putting up on March 13th. 12 Static Billboards and 14 Digital Billboards will be going up in 15 different locations, plus a special anti-white male power terrorism billboard that we designed at the last meetup.

Plus we can discuss how we can oppose Trump's anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish policies, the list is endless it seems.

Plus we'll still have a good time. We always do.

Dale Hemming, Founder of a Thorn in Trump's Side or Foot, whichever bothers him most!

The Sioux Falls Scientists group will never have any dues. Membership is not required to attend our meetings. This group will probably never have any formal rules except treating other members and their opinions with respect and giving everyone equal time to speak. This group will never purge members for expressing their opinions or for forming their own group of people interested in science in general or in a particular field of scientific study. The only loose requirement is that members, and those attending our meetings, have an interest in one of the subjects of the Sioux Falls Free Thinkers websites.

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our events and meetings!

Climate Change Is Real. Donald Trump Thinks It's A Hoax.


2-20-17 AAAS chief puts weight behind protest march
AAAS chief puts weight behind protest march
The head of the world's largest scientific membership organisation has given his backing for a planned protest by researchers in Washington DC. Rush Holt, of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), said that people were "standing up for science". His remarks reflect growing concern among researchers that science is disregarded by President Trump. Scientists across the US plan to march in DC on 22 April. "I've never seen anything like it in my entire career," the former Democratic congressman told BBC News. "To see young scientists, older scientists, the general public speaking up for the idea of science. We are going to work with our members and affiliated organisations to see that this march for science is a success." Mr Holt made his comments at the AAAS annual meting in Boston as President Trump appointed a fierce critic of the Environmental Protection Agency as its head. Scott Pruitt has spent years fighting the role and reach of the EPA. Campaigners accuse him of being too close to the oil and gas industry, and allege that he is "lukewarm" on the threat posed by climate change. Rush Holt says that the concern among US scientists has gone well beyond the usual uncertainty that comes with a change in the Oval Office. "It is partly because of the previous statements of the president and his appointees on issues such as climate change and vaccination for children which have not been in keeping with good science," the AAAS CEO told BBC News. "But mostly by what we have seen since the new administration has come in, is silence about science. Very few appointments to positions are filled by people who understand science, very few comments about the importance of science; there is no science advisor in the White House now and we don't know whether there will be one.

Donald Trump's Plan: Gut The EPA

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Welcome to those interested in Science!.