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Global Warming TV Ads for 2017

Ad Date: Monday July 31st
Background Sound: Hiss of Leaking Gas

Extra CO2 Created By Human Activities!

Ad Date: Tuesday Aug 1st
Background Sound: Tree Leaves Rustling in Wind

Trees Can Not Process The Extra CO2

Ad Date: Wednesday Aug 2nd
Background Sound: Bacon Frying

Temperatures Are Rising Ever Faster!

Ad Date: Thursday Aug 3rd
Background Sound: Cold Artic Winds

Sea Ice More Rapidly Disappearing!

Ad Date: Friday Aug 4th
Background Sound: Glaciers Falling into Sea

Glaciers Melt & Oceans Rise & We Move!

Ad Date: Monday Aug 7th
Background Sound: Crackling Fire

Global Warming Deniers All About $$$

Ad Date: Tuesday Aug 8th
Background Sound: Electrical Turbines in Power Plant

Coal Power Plants A Danger To Humans!

Ad Date: Wednesday Aug 9th
Background Sound: Coal Burning in a Coal Boiler with the Door Open

Coal Is The Dirtiest Source Of Power!

Ad Date: Thursday Aug 10th
Background Sound: Wind Turbines

America Is Far Behind In Wind Power!

Ad Date: Friday Aug 11stt
Background Sound: Insects and Birds Singing in a Hot Field

America Very Far Behind In Solar Power!

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Sioux Falls Scientists
Global Warming TV Ads for 2017